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Regarding Baby Shower Invites

I’ve seen requests for certain gifts on invites before and sometimes I find them tacky, sometimes not. What do you guys think of this?

For instance, my SIL and I both saw this idea online to ask people to bring a book instead of a card. She and my MIL put a sticker with a poem on the back of the baby girl shower invitations for her celebration. The gist of it was ‘please bring a book to start baby’s library’. I thought this was okay. Might do something like it myself with our next, but can’t quite get past the asking for something specific.

Another example I just got a baby shower invitation asking everyone to bring a baby clothing item for the ‘baby clothesline‘. I’ve never see this done, but get the idea. For some reason I’m finding this incredibly tacky. On the one hand I think it’s kinda a cute idea and an easy way to get the mom a good stock of clothing. On the other hand, most people give clothing as gifts anyway and clothing can be expensive so they might feel they need to bring two gifts. I guess you could just bring a cheap onesie.. I dunno.. It wasn’t even asked in a fun way, just scribbled on part of the invitation.

Tacky to asks for gifts at all other than including registry info? Not tacky since the mother isn’t throwing her own party? Tacky unless tastefully worded? Are baby showers just destined to be somewhat tacky?