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Sick Days

It looks like life has a chance to get interesting again.

I didn’t work full time at the office this last week and it makes me sad. I like working there. I really do. It’s hectic.. but a productive hectic.

At home I am stressing out over this re-inspection of our place for “general uncleanliness” now my house is messy, but a cluttered OMG. It’s not a hordes of rotten food, and garbage piled up in corners kinda messy but I have been

I am stressing so much over this since I hadn’t felt good and I just wanted to cancel any plans I thought of having and hide from the world. *sighs* and THAT is not going to happen any time soon.

Now I am feeling better and that is a plus. Glitter is also doing good and she was an amazing companion to have while I was on the couch.

Sick Today

I’m currently wrapped in a blanket on the couch wishing for a hefty dose of Benadryl or the sweet embrace of death.

On top of being sick and miserable, I attempted to load the dishwasher, so what did NOT compute was that one of the guys had left dish soap in the crock pot… Can you see where this is going?

Yes – poor sick Cat was a victim of kitchen floor bubble attack.

So now that I’ve soaked up most of it with 8 large bath towels, I’m going to make the guys clean the actual dishwasher when they get home.

And now for another round of chicken soup, meds, and drooling on my controller… And getting some TLC from my kitty