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Sick Days

It looks like life has a chance to get interesting again.

I didn’t work full time at the office this last week and it makes me sad. I like working there. I really do. It’s hectic.. but a productive hectic.

At home I am stressing out over this re-inspection of our place for “general uncleanliness” now my house is messy, but a cluttered OMG. It’s not a hordes of rotten food, and garbage piled up in corners kinda messy but I have been

I am stressing so much over this since I hadn’t felt good and I just wanted to cancel any plans I thought of having and hide from the world. *sighs* and THAT is not going to happen any time soon.

Now I am feeling better and that is a plus. Glitter is also doing good and she was an amazing companion to have while I was on the couch.