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The Short List

So I am going to be a new mother soon, and there is this sort of random question that is going through my head. What if you don’t have enough people to have a baby shower? I mean, I don’t know. I’m having a boy so my sister is throwing me one. I had mostly family in mind for my first one.

It will be thrown at my mom’s church, and there was a lot of people I didn’t know there either. Which made me do this: o_O basically, but it was people my mom knew… so I don’t know. I guess I feel weird and uncomfortable being the center of attention. Especially around family that I’m not 100% comfortable around in the first place. (Mostly family I only see once or twice a year–at Christmas time or the rare family reunion.)

I don’t really have any friends, so… it bothers me, I guess. Ok, I really don’t have any friends. My last shower I had two show up to was for a good friend of mine since elementary school and her boyfriend at the time. Even then, I don’t really talk to her anymore, but I think she’ll show up. I guess i’m just a little bit depressed because I’m very anti social, and I’d like for this baby shower to be more of a happier occasion rather than something completely awkward where i’m fumbling around and basically talking about my pregnancy to people that really, really could care less and that are only there out of respect. (My dad’s side of the family is a lot more wealthy than this side so i don’t know. They kind of like to show off sometimes.)

I guess I’m a little mad at myself for not socializing more so I could have… people to really talk to and have fun with there, I guess. Not for the gifts, I really could care less about that. (Although it helps in the long run haha)

I was thinking of talking to my sister who is throwing my shower, and seeing if it would be possible to only get the people I’m comfortable around to show up… but that would only make the shower about 3-4 people in attendance. (Excluding mom, sister, my husband.. you know the really close people.) I guess i’m just a little confused and looking for some support from people in a similar situation. Or have any advice.

Maybe i’m just worrying over nothing… which I’m doing a lot lately..