I blow in the breeze, but I keep my feet firmly planted in the soil. I’m slowly getting my new leaves, but these things take time you know… I’m graduated, married, and finally in the real world. Unfortunately that involves going out every day and watching people fail themselves.

Oh the humanity.

I learned to tell stories from my life and this is the result.

About Glitter

Glitter is a rescue kitten who was abandoned in a home and was found by maintenance workers who rescued the kittens at 6 weeks.

No one knows what happened to the mother but one of the maintenance workers had put ads up at my local pet store. I called the number to inquire about a kitten, and I was immediately contacted. I went to pick up my kitten the next day. Glitter was not very well, she had severe conjunctivitis in both eyes, and she was very weak and frail.

I took her to the vet where they treated her and released her back to me. I began to feed her canned kitten food and she has done a full turn around. At 8 weeks old she is very frisky and happy. I’m so glad to have her as apart of my family