A Day Like No Other

Today is one of those days that people like me live for… a work day! Without the work, a day with me just getting things done. I wrote a lot…and then discovered that my piece wasn’t due till Tuesday. Then I just got organizational stuff done… you know, the kind of stuff that you have to do to make sure things get done. I still have a ton to do, but it’s nice to take a bite out of work.

When I got home, Tyler informed me that the water heater had self-destructed or something, but our whole hallway was/is one giant puddle. Luckily we had recently cleaned up, so nothing got wet besides the carpet (which is a pain) and a phone book (which we don’t use anyway). We might get new carpets from the landlord out of this… that would be lovely! But in the mean time, we have no hot water. I really hope we can get it fixed tomorrow…

It was wonderful to see Erin last weekend! I wish we could have made better plans though…in any case, I did have fun with Roger and Dawna, she really enjoyed it, even though her poor toes were freezing! She is so cute and fun to be with!

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